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At that time of writing, the site offers 23 different sports to bet on. While there isn’t as many sports as other sites can offer you, there is still plenty to be found here. The market depth here is especially good, so if your chosen sport is covered you have lots of choice when it comes to markets.



  • Good range of sports covered
  • Best odds guaranteed on horse racing
  • Very generous welcome offer
  • Lots of promos for members


  • Live streaming not offered

Bar One Racing was established all the way back in 1990, and has been going from strength to strength ever since. As they are such a long running bookmaker, you will be looking for something special from them when it comes to online betting. Are they going to be the right people to with online?

Sports Coverage

Firstly, let’s take a look at the sports that Bar One Racing cover. You want to see that they have a good range of sports covered, with plenty of market depth in each one. Is that something that this betting service can provide to you?

At that time of writing, the site offers 23 different sports to bet on. While there isn’t as many sports as other sites can offer you, there is still plenty to be found here. The market depth here is especially good, so if your chosen sport is covered you have lots of choice when it comes to markets.

As this service is established on the back of horse racing, of course you are going to find a large range of horse racing markets, covering all UK and Irish racing. As well as the horse racing, you can find everything from football to golf, rugby, tennis, and more besides. As well as these markets, you’re going to find some markets in smaller sports. That includes Gaelic sports, snooker, and so on. It is worth noting that they don’t seem to have any eSports markets, something that is a shame as it’s so popular right now on betting sites. We hope to see these added at a future date.

On top of the normal sport markets, you are also going to find market on politics and all TV and novelty markets. That does keep things interesting and ensure that there’s lots here for you.  Also, you will see that they have markets in virtual sport, as well as even lotteries. As such, there is plenty to be found here as a member.

While they don’t have as many markets as you would be expecting, they do have a lot of the top sports covered. If you are particularly a fan of horse racing or football, you are going to find all the markets that you could want here.

Betting Odds And Features

To be competitive, Bar One Racing need to have many great odds on the markets they offer. This is true now more than ever, because there are so many new betting sites coming onto the market every day. Can you get the best value possible on your bets here?

When compared to other betting sites on the market, this site does hold their own. While they have good value on most of their markets, the best value you’re going to find here unsurprisingly is in horse racing. You can get some really decent odds here, which does make it worth making your bets on this site.

It’s worth pointing out that the site offers best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse racing. That’s great to see, as it ensures that you will get the very best price on your bets, no matter when you made it.

When it comes to betting features, you are going to find all the regular features you would expect on a good betting site. That includes the option to cash out bets before the bet is completed, as well as a full bet builder. You will also find a full news section on the site, which is always great because it gives you all the latest details on upcoming racism matches, which is helpful for planning new bets.

In Play Betting

In play betting is crucial for many potential punters, so you want to see that Bar One Racing here have something special for you. Can they offer the market to your looking for when you want to get on games in progress?

You will find they do offer a good range of sports when it comes to in play betting, with odds that are consistently updated throughout the game so you can bet in response to what is happening on pitch. If you want to keep up with what is happening in the game, they do have a much track of tracker function, that shows you what is happening in real time.

You will see that they do not offer a live streaming service at time of writing. Well this will be disappointing to some potential members, it is something that not a lot of betting sites can offer right now.

Site Design

No matter how good the markets are at Bar One Racing, their site needs to be well designed so you can access them. What can you expect from their site design right now?

Right away, you will see that they have a pleasing newspaper style look to them. That does help set them apart from all the other betting sites out there, while still making it very usable.

At first, the site can feel rather cluttered, but before long you will be able to find everything that you need here. All of their sports are listed on the left-hand side so you can click through and find your markets, or you can find all the in play markets happening right now on the home page itself. As they have quick loading times, it will not take you long to find your bet and make it.

You will note that they do not offer a mobile app, so there is not a way of downloading something to bet on while you’re on the move. However, you will see that they have a really well optimized mobile browser site. That way, you can make the bet to you once whenever you want to, without having to download a thing.

The site design here is great and to the points, so it will not take you long to get to business here.

Welcome Offer

Something that every betting site should have, including Bar One Racing, is a great welcome offer. If you are going to become a member here, do they have a good deal available to bring you onboard with?

At time of writing, there is a really impressive offer ready and waiting for you. You can get a 50 EUR free bet when you sign up and bet at least 10 on the site. To get the deal, you will need to sign up for an account and deposit at least 10 EUR on it. Then, you need to bet that 10 EUR at odds of at least 1/1. Once your bet has been settled, your 50 EUR free bet will be made available to you in your account.

As a welcome offer, it’s very hard to find one that’s as generous as this one right now. The site are managing to beat out some of the biggest names in betting right now when it comes to their welcome deal. As such, this is incredibly impressive.

It’s also a great deal for those who just want to try the site out without dropping a lot of cash on it. You just need to deposit that initial 10 EUR, and you will get a massive 50 EUR out of it so what could be better?

As with all welcome offers, there will be some terms of conditions that you need to be aware of before you sign up. Here for example, you will need to make your initial bet within seven days of signing up with the site. Once you have your free bets, this one need to be used within seven days. These terms are very reasonable so it shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of new members.

For those thinking of signing up here, this welcome offer is going to be a very tempting option for them.

Promos And Offers

While that welcome offer is great, you will see that it isn’t everything that Bar One Racing can offer you. If you sign up and become a regular punter here, are you going to get lots of regular offers to get more out of your bets?

There are lots of promos that you can check out on the sites promos page, which covers both regular offers for all members, as well as one off deals and specials. It’s always worth checking back here to see what’s available, as the can be something new and exciting for you.

One of the best promos here is the rewards club, which gives you 10% cashback every single week on your losses. As a deal it’s really simple but gives you a lot back, so it’s really great to see that here.

You will also find specific offers on certain sports, such as horse racing and football. For example, right now there are football offers that give you more on specific bets, such as Premier League bets that give you the win if you are two goals ahead.

As they offer a good range of deals, as a punter here you are going to get plenty out of every bet you make.

Payment Options

If you have decided to sign up with Bar One Racing, you need to make your first deposit so you can claim that welcome offer. Is it easy to use the payment system here, and how quickly can you get that first deposit made?

The sites accepts a few different payment types, including the regular debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. If you want to use an eWallet, Revolut is the only one that is currently accepted.

When compared to other betting sites on the market, this is a very small number of payment types made available here. We were hoping to see a lot more eWallets, in particular the larger ones such as PayPal or Apple Pay. The site could well add these in the future, and we would like to see that.

When you make your first deposit, this will be processed right away so you can start betting as soon as possible. Withdrawals here can take up to five working days to reach you, depending on the payment type that you use.

While we would like to see the site offer more payment types in the future, right now the system is very easy to use and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Customer Support

Once you’re a regular member at Bar One Racing and using the site, you may need some help every now and then. What can you expect here?

If you do need some help, you can get in touch with the customer support team. They are contactable either via live chat or email, and they will always do their best to give you a hand. They do ensure to get back to you as soon as possible, so you will never be waiting for long to get help.

The one thing they are missing right now is a FAQ, as these are always helpful for members. Hopefully, this will be added in the future.


While Bar One Racing have been around for years at this point, they are still up against a lot of competition. Are they going to be the betting service that you want to sign up with?

Their years of experience show with so many different sports covered. They offer some really good prices on a range of different sports, so no matter what you’re looking for you’re going to find it here.  They also have excellent promos for members, especially the welcome offer which gives you really good returns on your initial deposits.

So out of all the betting sites out there, Bar One Racing has got what it takes to be your number one betting site. With a welcome offer like that, you can’t afford to not give them a go.