Current Super Bowl odds

With the Super Bowl rapidly approaching this weekend, betting sites are letting fans know their favourites for this upcoming matchup. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to wow audiences in this game, though it appears that betting sites are split on which teams might be able to rise above adversity and become champions. Let’s take a look at some bookies odds for the biggest game of the NFL season.

Starting with Bet365. Bet365 currently has the Eagles listed as the favourites in this game, though not by a very significant margin. They’re listed as a 1.5-point favourite when it comes to the spread, and are favoured in the Money Line –125. This isn’t entirely surprising given that the Eagles are the better overall team when you look at the rosters. If it wasn’t for the miraculous play of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce coupled with Andy Reid as their head coach, Philadelphia would be favoured by an awful lot more. After all, Philadelphia has earned this favourite title after decimating both of their playoff opponents to get to this point. There is an argument that could be made against them due to the San Francisco 49ers losing their starting quarterback in the NFC Championship against the Eagles, but they still decimated them nonetheless. Plus, they’ve really only lost one game with Jalen Hurts under center this season. That’s not necessarily something to take for granted if you’re sitting back and looking to bet on how the Eagles operate on the gridiron. They are a scary team to be going up against, but it’s very telling that they aren’t overwhelming favourites.

Don’t worry though, Bet365 isn’t the only bookie to roll with the Eagles as the favourites. 888Sports has Philadelphia listed as the favourites in both the money line and the spread, and by the same margins. 888 has the Eagles favoured on a 1.5 point spread and a money line of 4/5, compared to the Chiefs money line of 21/20. It’s clear that multiple betting sites are thinking of this game of being a close, one-score game by the time the clocks strike zero. Which isn’t entirely surprising, as both of these offenses are among the best scoring in the league by a long shot. It’s not easy to hold down either squad, and there is likely going to be so many points that it will be a one-possession game at the end of the day.

The bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of betting sites are under the belief that the Eagles are the more talented team, but not by that much. The 1.5-point favourite mark is also being used in UniBet and Coral among many other sites out there ahead of one of the most watched events of the year. Just looking at Coral for a second, it’s clear that they don’t trust the spread for Philadelphia large than 1.5 points. If the Eagles were to be given a spread of three points, the Chiefs become the more favourable option in their eyes with better odds. As we mentioned earlier, the betting sites haven’t been shy about predicting this will be a close game. Though when you really start to look into these two rosters, you would be shocked to learn that the Eagles aren’t favoured by more.

Some were worried about t heir inexperience coming into this postseason, but they’ve just decimated both opponents that have come in their way en route to the big game. Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni have proven too dominant to even be slowed down so far, and the rest of this team is just phenomenal. Philadelphia has arguably the greatest offensive line that the league has to offer, a trio of running backs that can pick up a large snap share, and three pass catchers that are among the best in their position. This alone should give them enough to win this game by a large margin. Throw in the fact that their defense is filled with top-tier talent and is a unit that racked up the most sacks in the league and among the most forced turnovers throughout the regular season. Both of these factors being added onto the best offense in the NFL should make them far more favourable when betting on this game.

Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs have garnered more than a good reputation heading into this game. Mahomes and company have made the AFC Championship in all five years that he’s been the starting quarterback. I don’t know about you, but this is a feat that helps you become a far better betting option than normal. Out of those five championships, they’ve made three Super Bowls, including this one. They won one and lost the other, but that doesn’t matter here. The reality is that they’ve been so consistently great, that it’s hard to discount what they can do out there. Even in a situation where they don’t seem like favourable betting options, Kansas City can go out there and prove to be a nightmare matchup for their opponents.

It’s certainly very rare to see the Chiefs coming into a massive game like this as the underdog, but it’s just a testament to the talent that they are facing. It’s been quite a long time since we’ve been able to witness a team so stacked across the board as the Eagles. The way that they hit on their draft picks, hired a strong head coach for this roster, gave the keys of the offense to Hurts, added Brown and Gardner-Johnson via trades, and signed Ndamukong Suh in free agency is a masterclass in how to build a team. They’ve made a blueprint in how to succeed at the highest level in the NFL, and it’s why they deserve to be in the light among over betting sites. Gardner-Johnson alone missed a handful of games and yet still landed at the top of the charts in interceptions this season. This is just an example of the impact they’ve gotten from their new additions.