OddsMatrix partners with Kindred

OddsMatrix Sports Data Services has solidified its strategic partnership with Kindred Group, a prominent player in the flourishing online gambling industry. This collaborative endeavor marks a momentous stride for both entities, especially in the context of Kindred’s renowned and widely recognized betting site, Unibet. Unibet’s pervasive presence extends across Ireland and beyond, making this partnership particularly impactful in the realm of online gaming.

Kindred Group’s judicious decision to harness the wealth of historical and current sports data from OddsMatrix underscores their meticulous approach, especially as they gear up for the highly anticipated launch of their proprietary sportsbook. OddsMatrix’s comprehensive sports data encompasses a diverse spectrum of sports, ranging from fan-favorites like football, ice hockey, and basketball. Within this data lie pivotal elements such as meticulously calculated betting odds, up-to-the-minute scores, and real-time settlements – all indispensable components within the dynamic landscape of online betting sites.

Erik Nyman, the esteemed President of EveryMatrix Americas, expressed his profound satisfaction with the harmonious synergy forged between the two industry stalwarts. Nyman emphasized that the collaboration’s uniqueness is second to none, underlining EveryMatrix’s unwavering commitment to bolstering Kindred’s ambitious growth initiatives. This momentous step not only reaffirms EveryMatrix’s dedication to providing unwavering support to its esteemed partners but also casts a spotlight on their shared mission to elevate and refine the betting experience across Kindred’s extensive portfolio of betting site platforms.

In the multifaceted domain of online betting, data serves as the bedrock upon which well-informed decisions are constructed. Ben Colley, the accomplished Group Head of Trading at Kindred, extolled OddsMatrix’s invaluable contribution to their multifarious endeavors. This collaboration empowers Kindred’s adept team of quantitative analysts and data scientists with a potent arsenal, poised to propel their in-house research and development endeavors to uncharted heights, particularly within the intricate domain of modeling. This proactive stance showcases Kindred’s astute adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of online betting sites, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

Directing our focus to Unibet, a flagship entity in Kindred’s expansive portfolio, the seamless integration of OddsMatrix’s exhaustive sports data assumes heightened significance. Unibet’s substantial footprint in Ireland positions it as a primary beneficiary of this data-driven partnership. The fusion of OddsMatrix’s precision data and Kindred Group’s industry proficiency amplifies Unibet’s offerings, imbuing them with an extra layer of allure for the discerning community of betting enthusiasts who crave both precision information and immersive encounters within their chosen betting sites.

With the imminent launch of Kindred’s innovative proprietary sportsbook, the impending convergence of EveryMatrix’s formidable data prowess and Kindred’s domain expertise promises to script an enthralling chapter within the dynamic world of online betting. The strategic integration and utilization of OddsMatrix’s meticulously curated sports data are poised to elevate Kindred’s betting site platforms, most notably Unibet, to unparalleled heights. This steadfast advancement solidifies Kindred’s status as an indomitable trailblazer within the fiercely competitive panorama of online betting sites.