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We think it would be useful to list all of the 16 different bingo game rooms available from the Blighty Bingo website. You can learn more about any of them by navigating to the Blighty Bingo website.

Bingo is a cherished pastime that has been played for many decades in Ireland and throughout the world. For millions of people, the local bingo hall is an endless font of fun, excitement, and community. It is understandable, then, that when the COVID-19 pandemic caused all bingo halls to be closed, bingo fans were distraught. Over the various lockdowns, people flocked to online forms of the game, and the popularity of online bingo rose meteorically.

With bingo making such a splash in the digital sphere, we wanted to examine what is on offer by Blighty Bingo, one of the most popular and reputable online bingo sites in Ireland and the UK. We have some promotional codes to share, so read on to discover these. Blighty Bingo has a vast and diverse offering of bingo games and promotions, so let’s take a closer look. If you are just looking for the overall verdict, we’ll save you some scrolling – here are the summarised pros and cons:


  • No wagering requirements ever – this is a big one!
  • Daily free spins & tickets and multiple weekly free entry games.
  • Regular jackpots, including on free/low fee games.
  • Decent number and variety of bingo rooms, though less than the most prolific competitors.
  • Good variety of excellent, responsive support available, including live chat (although not 24/7).
  • Real commitment to safe and responsible gambling with built-in self-help features and other support offered.


  • No mobile app – although the website is very well-optimised for mobile.
  • Pricing in GBP – to be expected with the heavy English theming!
  • Slightly longer waiting times for withdrawals than we would expect.
  • For us, the website required us to accept cookies every time we navigated to a new page.


Welcome Offers

Let’s start by looking at the front page for Blighty Bingo. Once you have recovered from the monsoon of Union Jacks, cream teas, and other heavily English miscellanea, you may notice that the large banner splashed across the top of the front page is in fact a decent welcome offer. Before we give you the promotional code for this, we suggest waiting until you have read the next paragraph, because a less well-advertised but much better welcome offer is also currently available. New users of Blighty Bingo can claim 64 free bingo tickets and 10 free spins by using the code ‘BLIGHTY’ when they make their first deposit of at least €10.

We recommend that new users should instead use the code ‘BINGO30’ when they are making their first deposit to claim 200 free bingo tickets and 30 free spins – much more appealing.

Daily Offers

As is typical for providers of online bingo, Blighty Bingo rewards loyalty and incentivises regular play, with free spins available for registered users who return every day. These daily rewards improve the more time a user remains loyal and keeps returning.

Other Offers

We mention ‘other offers’ only to point out that no other offers than those we just mentioned are apparent to new users or non-users. This is not inherently bad, however we can’t help but compare this to some of Blighty Bingo’s big competitors, who offer a greater number of welcome and other offers.


Game types

There is a fine assortment and variety of games on offer at Blighty Bingo – more than enough to satisfy the appetite of the average bingo enthusiast. However, those with very specific tastes and requirements might find the range to be lacking, especially when compared with the dazzling array that some of Blighty Bingo’s competitors can provide.

On the other hand, if your interest wanders away from pure bingo, you will find a massive assortment of slots games in which you can indulge – over 300, in fact. It may seem counterintuitive for an exclusively bingo-related gaming platform to provide so many more slots games than bingo rooms, however this appears to be quite common amongst online bingo websites.

List of Games

We think it would be useful to list all of the 16 different bingo game rooms available from the Blighty Bingo website. You can learn more about any of them by navigating to the Blighty Bingo website. Here is the full list of all of the continuously-available bingo games (we will mention some occasionally-available ones later, which are definitely worth learning about):

Game typeGame name
  90-ballBig Bang
Tuesday Rocks
Blighty 90
Fun In 90
75-ballStreet Party
Mystery Jackpots
Number 10
Wednesday Chic
Monday Chill
Thursday Groove
Free entry90-ballLast Call
75-ballFree 4 U
Saucy Sunday

Apart from these games, which seem always to be available, there are a number of notable time-limited rooms. These typically appear on specific days of the month and generally seem worth investigating. These include Ace Club, available on the first day of every month at 19:45, and the Ace Club Diamond, available on the 15th of every month. These both offer a chance at a €250 jackpot and good rewards besides this.



There is a clear, obvious tab on the right of the homepage labelled ‘support’ – good so far. When you click this, you are taken to a FAQ page with a substantial list of headings which drop-down into lists of questions and answers. The layout is very clean, minimalistic, and easy to scan. This all appears to be great for a FAQ, but perhaps less good considering that we were actually trying to access support.

If you peruse other reviews of Blighty Bingo, some reviewers say that, from this FAQ page, you can click on a heading entitled ‘support’ to find contact details and a small but comprehensive list of support options. Interestingly, no such heading exists now, if it ever did. We had to click every heading and scan every answer to every FAQ to eventually find the following email address under the last FAQ under the ‘Withdrawals’ heading, of all places: [email protected].

If the reports we have read are accurate, then it appears that Blighty Bingo, for whatever reason, have either reduced the extent of support that they are willing to offer, or have made attempts to significantly obfuscate any information regarding the support that they do offer. We did not make an account with Blighty Bingo in order to write this appraisal, so we will reserve judgement on this matter, in light of the possibility that support options may become more obvious once you are registered with Blighty Bingo and logged in.


From various reports we found online, we believe that Blighty Bingo has a good reputation for having a friendly, supportive, and active community. Apart from the official forum, however, it is not clear what (if any) chat and social features are in place at Blighty Bingo. There is a bit of a disconnect here, for us, but we trust that, like most online bingo providers, there will be some capacity for users to chat to each other when using the website. After all, for so many, the social aspect of bingo is the most important one.

Certain games are available only at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week or month. This is an interesting decision, and one that we imagine would create some sense of camaraderie amongst those whose lifestyle and schedule ensures that they mainly frequent particular time-dependent rooms.


The list of payment methods accepted by Blighty Bingo is basic, consisting of simply Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. It is nice to see PayPal listed, although the fact that withdrawals via PayPal are stated to take 4-5 business days is disappointing. We don’t believe there is much justification for PayPal payments taking any longer than 24 hours at most. Visa withdrawals take 4-7 business days, and Mastercard withdrawals take 3-5.


Blighty Bingo is a somewhat smaller bingo provider than some of its competitors, especially considering that it is online-only and has no heritage of a high street presence. Despite this, Blighty Bingo is part of the Broadway Gaming Group, under the banner of the Irish-based Grand Battery Holdings Ltd. This is a highly reputable company known for facilitating a number of other popular bingo online platforms, and it is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that you can play with comfort in the knowledge that the platform is carefully monitored and limited to ensure your safety and  security, and to ensure the fairness of the games.

Blighty Bingo uses the Dragonfish software produced by its parent, Broadway Gaming Group. This software is very well-established and known for its security and cutting-edge features. Dragonfish is used to great effect by many of the biggest bingo companies in Ireland.

Final Thoughts

We have identified many aspects of Blighty Bingo which we found just slightly lacklustre, but do not let this detract from the main attraction: no wagering requirements on any games, ever, is massive. This feature alone balances out the overall quite minor gripes we had with the website.

Overall, then, Blighty Bingo is a decent platform for bingo online that doesn’t quite match some of the biggest other platforms in things like game variety, number of bonuses and promotions, and chat/support features. However, Blighty Bingo can proudly boast about one amazing selling point that most competitors cannot match.