Revolutionising Online Betting: Bet365’s Hillside Launches Platform Innovation Hub

As one of the world’s leading online betting sites, Bet365 serves millions of customers worldwide, affirming its success and dominance in the competitive online gambling industry. In order to keep ahead of the pack, Bet365 has recently announced through its technology wing, Hillside Technology, the inauguration of a fresh, cutting-edge Platform Innovation Hub. This hub’s primary objective is to delve into emerging technologies and decipher how these can be deployed to add value to the existing Bet365 platform.

Hillside Technology is an intrinsic part of the Bet365 setup that deals with the technological aspect of the betting giant. It is the powerhouse behind the seamless functioning and advancements of Bet365, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry.

The Platform Innovation Hub, set to operate in close coordination with the tech teams, The Platform Innovation is tasked with two crucial responsibilities. Firstly, it’s set to investigate emerging technologies and determine their potential for substantial and enduring impact on the betting site platform. Secondly, it is entrusted with the role of working alongside technology teams to identify methods for seamlessly integrating successful processes across various departments. Bet365 and Hillside Technology are hoping that the hub will function as a common platform, linking people across the betting site’s organisation. It will also serve as an incubator for experimenting with new technological strategies and methodologies.

The Platform Innovation Hub will kick off operations under the guidance of a team of tech connoisseurs, handpicked from both within and outside the Bet365 fraternity. The strategic recruitment underscores the emphasis on a blend of internal knowledge of Bet365’s operations and fresh, external perspectives on the technological advancements in the betting industry.

Alan Reed, the Head of Platform Innovation, expressed confidence in the innovation hub, attributing Bet365’s market leadership to the robustness of their product and the creative genius of its developers.

Reed said, “The strength of our product and the creativity of the people who engineer it, has ensured we’ve continued to lead the market,”

“Looking forward, we want to take the next quantum leap. Doing so will require looking outward and exploring the new technologies and processes that exist outside of our purview.”

He added, “We’re looking for free thinkers who excel at solving real-world problems. People who can approach technologies like the Metaverse, Bitcoin and ChatGPT without bias, pull them apart and return with ideas on how they can disrupt our business.

“In addition to our internal and external recruitment, we will run a residency programme to immerse our people in a culture of innovation and determine how it can be driven into their departments.”

The innovation hub aims to foster an environment conducive to experimentation and learning. Apart from scouting for talent internally and externally, the hub plans to launch a residency programme. This program is intended to immerse the workforce in a culture of innovation and assess how this culture can be infused into their respective departments. This way, Bet365 ensures it stays a step ahead in the rapidly evolving world of online betting sites.