Who Do Bookmakers Favour As The Next Liverpool Manager?

With Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool at the end of the 2023/2024 season, the football world has been in turmoil, wondering who is going to take the role of the next Liverpool manager in the upcoming season. After all, the choice of manager can have either tremendous or disastrous impacts on a club’s standing, performance, and success (or lack thereof). As a result, after roughly nine years in the role, Klopp’s absence is sure to be sorely felt – and whoever comes in next will no doubt have some big boots to fill.

Who do Bookmakers Favour as the Next Liverpool Manager?

There are currently several names bouncing around for potential Liverpool managers following the departure of Jurgen Klopp, and there doesn’t seem to be a strong consensus either way, with odds shifting rapidly as online betting sites try to predict who the next manager is likely to be. Some of the main names that are currently on the table include the following.

Xabi Alonso – ½

Hands down, the current favourite among bookies to become the next Liverpool manager has to be Xabi Alonso, whose odds have been fluctuating massively; however, these have currently plummeted from around 10/1 all the way down to ½  with BetVictor, making him the clear favourite in the management race thus far. After helping Leverkusen, the club he’s currently manager for, achieve a whopping 15 wins out of their 18 opening matches, it’s easy to see the appeal.

Roberto de Zerbi – 4/1

Coming in the second position for now, Roberto de Zerbi is currently getting odds of 4/1 at best, making him a relatively likely candidate for the position. As the boss of Brighton, he no doubt has the experience to run Liverpool, although there seems to be a degree of uncertainty among bookies in terms of how well he is likely to fare.

Pep Lijnders – 10/1

In third is Pep Lijnders, whose odds of roughly 10/1 definitely make him a good candidate for the position (though his career doesn’t quite live up to Alonso and de Zerbi. As Liverpool’s assistant manager, it’s easy to see why he’d be in a good position to step up and take on management role.

Other Potential Candidates

In addition to the three main choices we’ve outlined so far, there are plenty of other potential candidates who could be in with a chance of landing the role. Marco Rose (12/1), Julian Nagelsmann (14/1), and Ange Postecoglou (20/1) are all currently sitting in the top listings, although their odds are substantially lower than the current favourites.

Steven Gerrard has also put his name very eagerly into the hat, although his odds are also sitting at around 20/1 with most platforms, suggesting that the bookies don’t think he’s particularly likely to get the job – perhaps a complication of his recent stock drops. However, some bookies are being a little more generous to him with odds of around 12/1, so he’s definitely still in with a chance (albeit considered an outsider by some).

Final Thoughts

It’s not currently clear who the next Liverpool manager to take over after Jurgen Klopp is going to be. However, current thinking puts Xabi Alonso as the main bookies’ choice for his successor, with his successes at Leverkusen putting him in a good position. However, only time will tell – and there’s no doubt that the football world will be watching with a great deal of interest to see who is going to fill the role.